In addition to our production of organic walnut oil in our mill, Maison Castagné also specializes in wine production, taking advantage of optimal conditions for the planting of grapes.

Our grape varieties

On their 3. 5 hectares of vineyards, 6 grape varieties were planted by the Castagné brothers: Malbec (grape of Cahors wine), Pinot Noir and Syrah for red grapes; Chenin, Chardonnay and Roussanne for white grapes.


The Malbec

Also known as “Black wine”, Cahors wine is a red wine of world renown. Her dress is so dark that she seems to turn black. They say about Cahors wine that if you see her fingers through her dress, it means that it is not Cahors.

Cahors wine is characterized by a rich texture like velvet, with nuances of vanilla and liquorice on the palate, bringing a perfect balance.

The Pinot Noir

A world-renowned wine, Pinot Noir is a grape variety that is no longer presented. Produced in Burgundy, champagne and Alsace, Pinot rouge produces a wine with a wide aromatic palette, ranging from fruity to oaky to leather.

The Syrah

Syrah is a black grape known for its fragility in the face of environmental changes and diseases. However, when it grows in good conditions, this variety creates a wine of great aromatic complexity. There are spicy and floral touches of great finesse.


The Chenin

Great white grape variety, with the particularity of growing on chalk soils (used to build the châteaux of the Loire), Chenin is a variety that produces a lively wine, with complex aromas of dried fruits, white flowers, honey or citrus fruits.

The Chardonnay

Chardonnay is a white grape from Burgundy, used in particular for the creation of great Burgundy wines. It produces a wine with hints of dried fruit, citrus and sometimes brioche!

The Roussane

Also known as Fromenteau, Barbin or Bergeron, Roussanne is a grape variety with small clusters that become red over time (hence its name).

Of extraordinary quality, this wine exudes aromas of coffee, honeysuckle and peony. It has been proven that the taste of this wine improves over time.