Nut producers

In addition to our activities as winemakers and restaurateurs, the historical activity of our establishment is the production of walnuts.

Our method of producing nuts

With 47ha of organic walnuts, about 100 tons of dried walnuts can be harvested each year.

In June, green nuts are just beginning to form and the kernel inside is still gelatinous. These nuts are picked at Saint John’s Day to make walnut wine, an aperitif for which each family has its own recipe. At home, after the green nuts have macerated in pure alcohol for several months, we add Cahors red wine, sugar and spices to make our walnut wine called the Franquette.


Harvesting nuts

In September-October, the green nut bug opens to reveal a thick, rigid brown shell. A machine will come to shake slightly the trunks of the walnuts to make the ripe nuts fall to the ground. The green bug produces nut husk, ideal for dyeing furniture in particular.

Once on the ground, the nuts are harvested within 48 hours, then washed and dried quickly to prevent them from becoming rancid. Finally, they are sorted manually.


Nuts are kept away from moisture, heat and sunlight.